Product Management - A complete guide on creating products that people love

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This digital book encompasses the experience and knowledge that I've gained over the past seven years as a product manager and educator spanning the business-to-consumer and agency space, building and shipping products which are used by millions and have been recognized by notable press.

Complete with product management theory, relevant frameworks, stories, and advice from experienced product managers, upon completion of this book you will know the steps required to take a product through the entire Product Development Process and support it through the Product Life Cycle. The topics covered in this book include: 

  • Discovering and validating problems
  • Hypothesis driven validation
  • Product design
  • Software development
  • Building an MVP
  • Launching a product with business stakeholders
  • Choosing the right metrics to measure success

Readers will also gain an insight into the steps to follow to obtain a product management role.

Based on the experiences of product managers in the field

I also included 6 interviews with established product managers from various industries and a FAQ with answers to common product management questions. Hear from a number of experienced product managers including a Director of Product at Shopify and the VP of Product at Intelex, to name a few, on how they got into product management, their thoughts on product, and their advice.

Who is this book for?

This book is a reference for new and aspiring product managers, skilled product managers without any formal product education, entrepreneurs, and business stakeholders who desire an understanding on what exactly product managers do.

Great reviews about this book

“Whether you are an aspiring product manager or you have industry experience, Product Management — A complete guide on creating products that people love is THE guide for any product manager. As a Chief of Product I wish I had the chance to find a book like this when I started my career. Quadri manages to encapsulate every single aspect of product management in a compelling and concise way. From product requirements to the Product Life Cycle to stakeholder management, this book will add value for any product manager out there!” - Doris Hernandez, Director of Product @ Ryte

“A comprehensive guide for the essential topics one needs to know to be effective as a product manager, from work products to cross-functional relationships. No fluff, and covering the key concepts every good product manager needs to know.” - Jeremy Glassenberg, Director of Product @ Deserve

“If you ever wondered about product management or if you're a curious experienced product manager, this is the book for you! A practical guide that goes from theory to the actual life cycle step by step.” - Sandrine Bitton, Program Manager @ Snap Inc.

"Quadri has produced a solid survey of the fundamentals of product management. Best for those interested in product management or new to the role." - Michael Luskind, Trainer @ Mind the Product

About the Author

Quadri has over seven years of experience as a product manager. He’s worked across the business-to-consumer and agency space on products that solve multiple use cases for customers in various industries. He is passionate about creating great products that have a positive impact on people’s lives and helping people grow through teaching, training, and mentorship.

With over six years of teaching experience, including more than three years as a lead product management instructor at General Assembly, the pioneer in education and career transformation, he has given over 50 live product management workshops introducing the fundamentals of product management to more than 1,000 people. His past students work at companies across a variety of industries, including Intuit, Loblaw Digital, Telus, McKinsey, TD, and more.

He wrote Product Management — A complete guide on creating products that people love to assist new and aspiring, as well as current, product managers by equipping them with the knowledge, tools, relevant frameworks, and support they need to succeed.

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Learn how to ship products that people love

Learn product management
Learn the steps, advice, and tools to ship great products
Know the tricks of the trade
Know the frameworks that product managers use build great products
Hear from experienced product managers
Interviews with 6 established product managers on their journey, tools, reccomended books, thoughts on product, and more
Answers provided to common product management questions


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Product Management - A complete guide on creating products that people love

4 ratings
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